“In Jobbik’s view, the matter must be settled immediately to prevent tens of thousands of people from being deported back to Hungary or from allocating a similar mass of individuals to our country based on some quota system,” emphasized the party’s deputy Parliamentary Group leader in his press conference held at the border fence over the railways in Röszke, Southern Hungary.

Dániel Z. Kárpát said they called upon the Hungarian government to immediately guarantee that Hungary would not receive migrants deported back to us. He also wants the cabinet to guarantee that it would refuse to take in quota-based migrants, too. To ensure that this measure would not remain a mere “political programme” but be implemented, Jobbik plans to ask the opinion of the Hungarian nation. So, if Fidesz fails to make their standpoint clear about the issue of deportations back to Hungary and allocation of migrants based on a quota system, Jobbik will initiate a binding referendum in which citizens can express their opinion whether or not they want to take in or settle returned migrants. Jobbik will encourage them to vote “no”. In the party’s opinion, 90 per cent of the population would support them.

In response to questions from the media, he said that they considered the government’s national consultation project on this issue as a PR and media event, which cost a lot of money that could have been allocated for a much better purpose. To quote a few purposes like that, he mentioned supplying for the needs of those on duty, building the border fence faster or ensuring the physical protection of the border.

Jobbik statement

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  1. I was always in favor of entering the EU. Now I want a referndum about exiting the EU and Shengen. Close all the borders!!!!!!!

    I would rather starve than have these terrorists as neigbours.

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