Budapest, January 25 (MTI) – The witch-hunt started by ruling Fidesz against NGOs only aims to conceal the unprecedentedly high corruption prevailing in Hungary,  Jobbik said on Wednesday.

Party spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki commented on ruling Fidesz deputy leader Szilárd Németh’s recent statement that “fake organisations” belonging to Hungarian-born American financier George Soros should be scrapped because they had been deliberately set up to influence Hungarian politics.

Mirkóczki called on Fidesz and its deputy leader to stop having selective memory and abandon their hypocritical and mendacious policies, noting that a few decades ago Hungary’s incumbent president, prime minister, House speaker and other people closely linked to the government had also received support from Soros.


Mirkóczki added that his party had never received any funding from either Soros or any other foreign source. He demanded that as part of planned efforts to make the financial operation of NGOs more transparent, the pro-government Civil Unity Forum should also be obliged to give account of its financial background.

Source: MTI

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