Since lawsuits can easily be lost, Viktor Orbán didn’t bother to file one. Instead, “typically of a burnt-out Communist”, he decided to ban Jobbik’s “truth campaign” while President János Áder assisted him by signing the “unconstitutional” outdoor media legislation, said Jobbik spokesman Péter Jakab in his Budapest press conference when launching the party’s latest outdoor media campaign designed to present how the largest opposition force was going to govern Hungary, Jobbik’s offical site said.

“János Áder is no longer Hungary’s president but Viktor Orbán’s,” emphasized Mr Jakab, adding that the head of state’s attempt to protect the corrupt Orbán regime and to silence the only challenger was totally useless. “Our message is: you can’t silence us. Jobbik cannot be forced to retreat, we will continue to fight and use any legal means available to reveal the truth to the people,” the party spokesman asserted.

Mr Jakab says the new outdoor media campaign sends a message to “Hungary’s new dictators” that the “future cannot be stopped and the truth cannot be covered up”. Talking about the party’s earlier campaigns, he emphasized that Jobbik had informed the people of Hungary about the corrupt Fidesz leaders who drain the money away from wages, healthcare and education. Jobbik also pointed out that the only way to change the situation was if the party, together with the people, ousts the Orbán regime.

This is the goal Jobbik asks people’s support for

In Mr Jakab’s view, no political party can request a mandate for government without telling the people how it wants to lead the country. Jobbik’s new outdoor media campaign is designed for that. Talking about the slogan, he explained that Hungary must be governed with Hungarian hearts, common sense and clean hands.

Having Hungarian hearts means that Jobbik represents all Hungarian people and not just its own supporters, contrary to Fidesz which is only concerned with its own 1.5 million voters and has given up on the vast majority of the society, he asserted. “We all need higher wages, decent pensions, quality education and modern healthcare, regardless which party we vote for,” he added.

Talking about the common problems, the spokesman said they cannot be solved unless Hungary is led by common sense instead of the current obsession-driven governance that fights George Soros and various other fake problems while leaving the people behind in their daily struggles to pay their bills and debts.

He added if Jobbik won in 2018, “Hungary will have a government which not only stops Brussels but, first and foremost, impoverishment and emigration; which does not live off of but for the people; and which helps the country to prosper instead of lining its own pockets.

Referring to governance with clean hands, he asserted that Jobbik was going to establish an anti-corruption prosecution office, double the punishment brackets for politicians stealing the taxpayers’ money and root out corruption by way of confiscating the amassed fortunes.

He expressed his view that these measures were needed to make people feel they were working for their families and homeland instead of “helping Lőrinc Mészáros to add another one hundred billion HUF to his fortune this year, too”.

New social contract

Mr Jakab said only these three pillars could guarantee “a fair, safe, free and liveable Hungary”. “This is the social contract Jobbik offers to the people of Hungary. Where can you sign it? In the voting booths next year,” Jobbik’s spokesman said, adding that the street posters were going to stay until July 15, in line with the newly-adopted regulation.

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