One of the greatest historical games will be held in the castle of Diósgyőr this weekend: the medieval festival will include realistic jousts, marching with torches, the presentation of several traditional groups and the royal household of the recently reconstructed stronghold.

According to, the castle and the square of jousts will be the venues for the medieval festival, which is an event with long traditions. The tournaments and other attractions will take place on 29th and 30th July. The time traveling festival fills both days with tons of different programs.

The castle was reconstructed in 2014 with the need of being historically accurate, so it provides an authentic medieval environment to the festival depicting the everyday life in the age of knights.

Jesters, knights, squires, dancers, craftsmen, artists and master bakers “return” to their posts after centuries. And, of course, no royal court can be called royal without the king and the queen, so they also take their places on the throne.

The medieval atmosphere is completed by historical presentations, tournaments and armored shows.

Traditional groups also participate in the festival, such as the Szent György Lovagrend (Saint George Knighthood) from Visegrád, the Vermes tribe, the Fekete Sereg Lovagrend (Black Army Knighthood) and the Aranysarkanytyús Lovagrend (Golden Spur Knighthood).

Buhurt Arena is the place for guests who are curious about some realistic fights: there they can witness the joust of armored knights. The tournament and the other combats, which will also involve cannons and weapons, will continue during the night, and the climax of the entire event will be the battle under the night sky.


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