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Hungary’s government is still being accused in western Europe of violating the independence of the judiciary merely because of its position on the issue of migration and border protection, Justice Minister László Trócsányi said in an interview to Friday’s Le Figaro.

Trócsányi said the dispute between Hungary and its accusers centred around the concept of the “open society … a political model that promotes multiculturalism and open borders and gives primacy to the individual.”

“We also insist on individual freedoms, but other factors also count, such as the public interest, law and order, national sovereignty and cultural identity,” the minister said. “Our vision in central Europe diverges from that of western Europe because of our history,” he said, adding that colonisation and mass immigration were alien concepts in the region. Further, there is a perception in central Europe that multiculturalism does not work well in western Europe, Trócsányi said.

What the dispute with Brussels boils down to is whether it is possible to force a state to take in the kind of foreigners that it does not want to accommodate, he said.

“For us, this is a subject that impinges on national sovereignty and constitutional identity.”

There are “fears” in Hungary concerning the co-existence of Christianity and Islam, he said. “Christian roots are important.”

“Because of multiculturalism, Europe is sweeping its roots under the carpet,” the minister said.

Trócsányi insisted that Brussels was moving towards federalism and giving more and more powers to European institutions on the issue of migration. He said this was a breach of national sovereignty.

Source: MTI

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