More and more stars come to Hungary, as reports. In addition to Dakota Fanning, Keira Knightley is also shooting a film in Budapest. She plays the leading role of the biographical drama Colette.

The film will treat the life of the French writer and vaudeville performer Colette, who was the first female writer who was nominated for Nobel prize, and the first woman who became member of the French Goncourt Academy. However, Colette is not only an interesting and determining figure of French literature, her private life is also interesting: at the beginning of her career she published a number of pornographic works based on her own experiences, then she became a journalist while she was living with the chief editor of a Parisian daily paper after a divorce, and got involved in some lesbian relationships. In case this is still not enough, she later had a love affair with her own step-son, much younger than her.

Zsolt Gosztonyi, the correspondent of RTL Klub has bumped into the 32-year-old actress in the centre of Budapest. Although Knightley does not seem to be happy about dealing with the fans on her sole day off, she agreed to take a selfie.

Photo: facebook / Gosztonyi Zsolt

However, Knightley is not the only star who chose Budapest as her destination. According to, Dakota Fanning visited Hungary several times in 2017, since she is shooting the series The Aliens here. The 23-year-old actress was walking on Elizabeth Bridge with Luke Evens in April, while now she visited one of the baths in Budapest, thanks to which we can see the actress posing in bikini on her Instagram.

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Featured image: facebook / Keira Knightley

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