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Nothing can be better than having a decent tenant who pays the rent on time, cares for the property he is living in and signs for a long-term contract. Houses for rent are always available in ample quantity, but a good renter will always target a place keeping some key features in mind.

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Few to the list are,

  • Location:

 If you have a place that is completely in a remote area, away from the city and all the activities will surely give you extra runs from one place to another consuming your time and money. A good tenant is in search of a place near to their workplaces, parks, entertainment places, grocery stores, etc. For such property and stressless days, the renter is ready to pay even high amounts of rent. 

  • Security:

Just like location security also goes a long way. People don’t want to rent a place in a neighborhood where they cant sleep peacefully where they are worried about their house being broken into or their car being unsafe To stay safe tenants must research the neighborhood before final decision. For additional security, the landlord should add security features to make the place safe and attractive. 

  • Area for Parking cars:

           People definitely don’t want to drive around for hours looking for parking around the property they are living in. A good landlord must try to provide the tenant with a parking space close to the house so that they don’t have to bear the pain of carrying kids and grocery a long way. An authorized parking area will always give assurance to the tenants of ease and comfort.   

  • School’s availability:

           Elite class areas provide the dwellers with good schools that have quality education. Houses near well-reputed schools tend to have decent and respectful gentry, for a long term contract the tenant will always consider this point for future plans.  

  • Furnished House:

           A well-furnished house matters a lot to a good tenant. A component tenant will not compromise on the condition of the property. Basic and decent renovations lure in more tenants. If the house is not managed properly then there are chances that the house will not be taken care of properly. 

  • Electrical appliances:

          A capable tenant does not want to have the hassle to buy expensive appliances so he expects to have everything included in the tenancy. If the landlord is successful in providing good quality and maintained electrical goods then he can charge a bit extra for his service.  

  • Make Upgrades:

            Simple upgrades can attract quality tenants. Like adding fancy flooring, wallpapers, Air conditioners (if living in a warm area), etc to pull more tenants. 

  • Outdoor Space:

           Having outdoor spaces like balconies or backyards can add a lot to your space. A bit can be increased on the rent for this feature of the house.  

  • Listening Landlord:

           Just the way the landlord looks for a supportive tenant in the same way a cooperative landlord is the tenant’s dream come true. A healthy relationship can become a long term deal.

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