The Hungarian kürtőskalács (chimney cake) originated in the Szeklerland of Transylvania, a historical region in the central part of Romania, where a large Hungarian ethnic population still lives. The sweet delicacy is made of yeast cake, using only natural ingredients. It is made in many Hungarian homes in Romania, but also across the borders, in Hungary, where the cake is so popular, that is now also produced by local bakeries. Among them, the most popular brand on the market is Vitéz Kürtős, which celebrates this year its 10th anniversary.

The 2013 Fall edition of the Kürtőskalács Festival (October 11 – 13, 2013) is the first of its kind, an event that will hopefully enjoy enough popularity to become part of Budapest’s tradition. The purpose of the festival is to promote the kürtőskalács as a Hungarian pastry; but also to present its original, traditional way of preparation, preserving and promoting Hungarian traditions.

The festival will present various technique of preparing chimney cakes, prepared over charcoal or fried in oil, in many sizes, and different flavors. Another star of the festival will be the “Kürtőske”, a modern mini cake, with delicious creamy filling, “Kürtős Loops”, “Kürtőskalács with Chocolate Drops”, or the “Kürtős Bearing”. Visitors with special dietary needs can try chimney cakes made using whole wheat flour or gluten- and lactose-free ingredients.

The highlight of the festival is the great chimney cake bake-off, where participants from the public will learn how to bake these amazing delicacies at home.

The programme of the festival is complete with live concerts by Indygo, contests, and events for kids. The festival takes place in Városháza Park, Budapest.

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  1. Usually if it’s a festival, organisers get people from different companies or countries to take part but this festival doesn’t allow outsiders to take part which is a shame. It would be great for us vendors to have a little competition and get the public to judge us. We are a Slovenian company and we make Kurtoskalacs all over the world (as well as teach people how to make the product too and start their own businesses. We would love to take part. We took some of our customers and vendors to this festival and all said that our product was much better tasting than the ones on offer. However on a lighter note, we did discover a fantastic Hungarian beer called “Pécs” at the festival which I can highly recommend!

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