Parliament Lapidarium was opened in the ventilation tunnel on Kossuth Square’s north side. It shows the façade pieces and the history of the square to the visitors, wrote.

Two-thirds of the more than half a million paving stones placed on the Parliament, which was built of 40 million bricks, was replaced since the handover of the building – MTI quoted the Speaker of the National Assembly on Monday’s opening.

According to Laszlo Kover, one of the reasons to create the Lapidarium was to show artworks to the public, they wanted to pay tribute to the former masters as well as to find a function to the north ventilation tunnel. Hopefully, the recently opened Lapidarium will also increase the attractiveness of Kossuth Square – the House Speaker said.

Geza Buzinkay drew attention to the photo exhibition presenting the history of Kossuth Square in the Lapidarium. One of the contemporary photos shows the square is filled with paving stones waiting for insertion; one of these plans survived. Tamas Wachsler, leader of renovating Imre Steindl Program told MTI that more than eighty facasde stone, metal and ceramic elements were selected to the Lapidarium. These decorations have been visible from a distance so far, but now the audience can see them closer, wrote.

According to Wachsler, the Parliament’s north ventilation tunnel lost its original role by the setting up of the Kossuth statue in 1927, and then it was closed and partially filled with earth. The ventilation tunnels were dug out in recent years during the reconstruction of Kossuth Square and they got new features: a 1956 memorial was built in the southern tunnel last year.

Tamas Wachsler revealed that the exhibition called History of the Parliament opens in the 15th covered courtyard of the building next week. It wishes to pay tribute to the former builders’ engineering performance.

Opening hours:

April 1 – October 31: from Monday to Friday between 8 and 18, between 8 and 16 on weekends
November 1 – March 31: from Monday to Sunday between 8 and 16

Ticket prices: adults HUF 2000, students HUF 1000

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