Based on guests’ ratings, reported that had drawn a list of the most popular international and Hungarian tourist destinations.

Trivago was launched 11 years ago as the world’s largest accommodation search platform. It compares more than 1 million accommodations from more than 250 different booking websites every day. About 120 million users choose Trivago as a starting point for planning their journeys.

Trivago Rating Index (tRI) is an index number from 1 to 100 which is globally counted based on more than 175 millions of accommodation-ratings by business analysts. This number takes into account all the ratings on the metasearch engine, including how many ratings a given accommodation received in general. For getting onto the global list, at least 130 accommodations are needed. Regarding the list of the Hungarian destinations, at least 50 are enough for each town. In both cases, at least 60 ratings are necessary, wrote.

With 84,12 tRI, Budapest occupies the first place of the list, closely followed by popular spa towns, like Gyula, Sárvár and Hévíz, that got into the top 10 and also into the international top 100 list.

On the global toplist destinations having at least 130 accommodations with at least 60 ratings each may compete. Three Hungarian destinations also got into the top 100, namely Budapest on the 27th, Hévíz on the 59th and Eger on the 66th place.

Based on the statistics of the metasearch engine called Reputation Ranking, as explained, Trivago compiled the Hungarian list, too. For getting onto the list, at least 50 accommodations having at least 60 rates are necessary.

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