Moscow (MTI) – Perspectives in relations between Russia and Hungary are “extremely good”, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference at MTI’s question in Moscow on Wednesday.

Lavrov said that though there have been difficult periods, both countries “strive to understand each other and are aware that bilateral ties have very good perspectives with mutual benefits”.

Russia is ready to further develop its ties to Hungary in different areas, energy being just one of them, the minister said.

On another subject, Lavrov voiced regret over Russia’s dropping plans for the South Stream gas pipeline project, and said Russia had made its decision because the project had become “a tool for negative discrimination” in the hands of the European Commission.

Referring to Russia’s plans for an alternative Turkey Stream, Lavrov said that the proposed project was being met with interest in Europe, and added that he hoped it would be implemented and contribute to Europe’s energy security, saving the continent from “a problematic transit route” through Ukraine.


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