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Essays writing has never been easy. It involves tons of research and proper use of writing techniques. Law students are required to submit essays regularly. However, the majority of the essays submitted are not up to standard, and you lose marks for it. In this article, we look at common mistakes you should avoid when writing a law essay: 

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1. Poor formatting

All essays have a specific layout. They are structured in such a way that the reader is taken through a journey. From the title page all through to the bibliography, everything needs to be formatted correctly. When writing your essay, use a single font through the entire article. Mixing fonts breaks the consistency of your essay, making it look untidy. Make sure that your work is legible. Use a font size that will not strain the reader.

 2. Inadequate research 

Law, as a profession, is based on facts. The amount of material available from past cases and new laws can be overwhelming. Proper research skills are required to get accurate and reliable information for you to use. Given the tight deadlines, most students use all the information they can get without properly scrutinizing it. This can play a trick on you and the rating for your essay will suffer.  Therefore, any complexity law essay can write Edubirdie experts so that you definitely get your good grade.  If you still want to write it yourself, then to make your essay compelling, always stick to reviewed articles and scholarly sites to get your information. 

3. Improper tone 

Another way in which you can lose points is my missing the tone of the article. In writing, tone refers to how you address the reader in the article. Good essays are those that make the reader feel as if they are part of it. Always remember that you are presenting to people. Your article needs to reflect your message and attitude. Use identifier words that grab the reader’s attention.   

4. Poor grammar 

You can also lose points for improper grammar. In an attempt to reach the word quota, many students become too wordy. It leads to having many run-on sentences and incorrect punctuation. You also get a lot of fragmented sentences in the essay, which have no impact on the matter being discussed. As students come from different regions in the world, spelling mistakes are bound to happen. Always make sure to check your work before submission. There are plenty of free tools you can use to verify your work each time. 

You may be frightened by the task of writing a law essay, but you should not be afraid.  Thanks to our advice, this will pass quickly and easily. You won’t even notice how you write a wonderful paper.  And of course, do not forget that you can always ask for assignment help. Good luck!

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