Budapest, November 17 (MTI) – Parliament passed a law on Tuesday obliging the government to appeal at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) against the EU quota regime for distributing migrants.

The proposal submitted by the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats received 154 votes in support, 41 against and 1 abstention.

Lawmakers of the ruling parties, radical nationalist Jobbik and independent MP Peter Konya voted in favour and the opposition Socialists, LMP, Democratic Coalition (DK) and Liberals voted against.

According to the law approved on Tuesday, the European Council’s Sept. 22 decision to distribute migrants fails to take into consideration the principle of subsidiarity and national parliaments were not given the opportunity to present their positions. The preamble of the law gives recognition to the government’s past measures in connection with migration, expresses support for the protection of borders and the construction of border fences. It condemns the migration policy of the European Commission and rejects compulsory migrant quotas, arguing that they result in a rise in crime, the spread of terrorism and pose a “threat on our culture”.

Photo: MTI


  1. Thank goodness the MAJORITY of Hungary’s lawmakers (over 78.5%) have shown some ‘common-sense’ in passing a law OBLIGING the government to appeal at the Court of Justice of the European Union against the E.U. quota regime for ‘distributing migrants’ (= spreading the risk of Islamification & terrorism around ALL of Europe !!).

    The fact that the opposition Socialists, LMP, Democratic Socialists & Liberals voted AGAINST the law doesn’t surprise me one bit – after all, those politicians are a total bunch of ‘fruit-loops’ !!

    The next step is to get a SIMILAR majority of Hungarians to categorically state in a binding REFERENDUM that they do NOT want these (Muslim) ‘migrants’ in Hungary and FURTHERMORE to make it VERY CLEAR to the Pink Poodles in Brussels (as well as the other mental-retards who have been ‘pushing’ this INSANE proposal) that these ‘migrants’ will NOT be given ANY favoured ‘status’ or ‘benefits’ (such as housing, food, jobs, etc.) over Hungarians !!

    The Hungarian government is DEFINITELY on the ‘right track’ in dealing with this so-called ‘migrant crisis’ .

    PERHAPS people living in other European nations (whose governments have suffered from collective brain ‘melt-down’) will now FORCE their leaders to follow Hungary’s example.

  2. The Hungarian government is, at last starting to work together in certain issues. It’s a big shame about the LEFTY parties not cooperating, but then, thats what SOCIALISTS and LIBERALS do best, ruin their own country and make it as difficult as possible for the people. I’ve said it a dozen times, this ruling party headed by Orbán Viktor, is the best the world has seen. Keep it up for Hungary and the people. One day, perhaps Orbán Viktor with be elected the leader of the European Parlament, then there will be no messing in Europe. No more idiots like Merkel, Hollande and the demented idiot in charge of Greece.

  3. How fast our brothers up in Poland took care of business, Na zdrowie!
    I like Victor Orbán believe no matter how bad this gets, it’s winable!
    Following this, there will be some serious rewrites to the constitution and it won’t be in sole control of the West Euro idiots, Hollande, Merkel, or the rest that sat back on the econo-touristy-terroristy migration.

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