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Hungarian lawmakers to vote on civil servant pay rise, education reform in next session

Hungarian lawmakers to vote on civil servant pay rise, education reform in next session

Budapest, May 23 (MTI) – Lawmakers will meet on four days in the coming session, voting on laws on civil servants and holding debates on education reform and offshore businesses.

On Monday, lawmakers will start at 1 pm with question time and on Tuesday will move on to discuss proposals adopted in committees.

Tuesday’s schedule includes a vote on a bill on civil servant remuneration. Under the proposal put forward by government office chief János Lázár civil servants would have their own pay grade system different from state employees. The bill would also change responsibilities and raise pay by 30-50 percent for employees working at regional government offices throughout the country, especially for those who are in direct contact with clients.

A vote on last year’s Paris climate summit is also on the table, as well as amendments affecting local governments and finances.

Still on Tuesday, nine proposals will be debated, among them the compensation system for land confiscated under Communist rule.

On Wednesday, debates will include discussing the government’s bill on education reform, which includes planned changes to the state agency for schools (Klik), and wage hikes for teachers.

Next Monday, May 30, which is the last of the four-day session, lawmakers will hold a four-hour debate on preventative measures to be taken against offshore businesses, at the request of the opposition LMP party.


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