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Lawmakers vote to raise civil servant salaries

Lawmakers vote to raise civil servant salaries

Budapest, May 24 (MTI) – Lawmakers on Tuesday passed a bill to raise civil servants’ salaries and to introduce special work conditions for them.

Under the proposal put forward by government office chief János Lázár civil servants will have their own pay grade system, different from state employees. Civil servants will get pay rises of 30-50 percent with enhanced tasks working at regional government offices throughout the country, especially civil servants who are in direct contact with clients.

According to the bill, starting salaries in the lowest pay grades for employees without higher education will range between 160,000 and 200,000 forints a month (EUR 506-633) gross and for employees with university degrees between 180,000-300,000 forints a month. Officials in the highest pay grades could earn up to 800,000 forints a month, the bill said.

The bill was passed 140 in favour and 36 against.

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