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This is not an easy task in secularised Hungary, but according to the French daily, Gáspár Orbán inherited the rhetoric skills of his father.

A European movement for evangelisation?

According to, Le Monde wrote about PM Orbán’s only son, Gáspár Orbán. Their Budapest correspondent starts with the fact that it was not only the PM who gave a speech on March 15 in Budapest, but his son also addressed his followers in the so-called Spike Hall (Tüskecsarnok). The former midfielder of Felcsút and Videoton FC was a preacher of his own Pentecostal church-like organisation called Felház which actually ended its activity after March 15. Now, they would like to continue the mission within the framework of a movement.

Gáspár Orbán was raised in Calvinist faith and, after quitting his professional football career in 2014, he travelled to Uganda to teach football to the locals. According to him, he met the real power of God there, and

he totally devoted himself to Jesus Christ afterwards.

As a result, he founded his own Pentecostal church-like organisation together with two of his friends. Their goal was to evangelise 18-30-year-old Hungarian intellectuals who speak foreign languages, have a degree and are open to the world.

According to the correspondent of Le Monde, Gáspár Orbán’s speech in the Spike Hall was very persuasive, and it was preceded and followed by Christian rock bands. The whole event was like an American show with spectacular lighting effects. Orban Junior highlighted that ‘we all have to praise God even on March 15’ which is a national holiday in Hungary celebrating the revolution of 1848.

My father helps me a lot, but I am not sure that he understands what I am doing” 

– he added.

He does not agree on everything with his father

However, Le Monde also states that, according to the latest census of 2011, 39 pc of the population is Roman Catholic while 11 pc is Protestant, so there is little need for charismatic movements like Felház. Even so, Gáspár Orbán does not give up. According to an interview he gave to, they would like to spread their movement all over Europe, this is why they ended the traditional form of Felház. He added that they never wanted to create an independent church; they only like to fill the space between different traditional churches like Roman Catholicism, Calvinism or Lutheranism. Therefore, all of their members remained loyal to their previous faith and joined Felház on the basis of their common belief in God and Jesus in order to praise them together.

Gáspár Orbán made it clear that, in the beginning, they received a lot of criticism from the traditional churches because they did not understand what they do. He added that the financial basis of their movement was provided by unsolicited gifts, and this will remain the same in the future. Among these people, there are no wealthy businessmen but entrepreneurs from the SME sector. According to Gáspár Orbán,

there comes a glorious era in Hungary, 

and he rejects promoting hatred against different ethnic or religious groups. He also said that as an individual, he polemises a lot with his father.

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Source:, Le Monde,,

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