The 10-year-old African-Hungarian Union (AHU) is the guest of honour at this year’s Oktoberfest in Budapest. writes that the programmes of Saturday, the 1st of October, will be pervaded by the African atmosphere as AHU welcomes visitors with an Africa Day at Ötvenhatosok Square.

The African-Hungarian Union celebrates its 10th birthday and the last stop of the birthday programme series is the Oktoberfest. Besides having fun, one of AHU’s main goals is to change the perception that lives in people’s heads about Africa being a continent of war, diseases and poverty.

“We want the Hungarian audience to think of Africa as a developing world, which will be the economic engine of the upcoming decades” said Sándor Balogh, the president of AHU. They will welcome visitors in the Paulaner tent with fun programmes and concerts at the beer festival, which will be twice as big as last year’s.

There will be kids’ stations, face painting, handicraft workshops, African braiding, sand statue making, dance and drum teaching and Africa quiz until 4 pm. Then Abdoul Camara, Sengalese dancer and the Serengeti Troupe Band, whose members came to Hungary from Tanzania, take on the stage. Gaby and Alain boost the evening with Cameroonian dance and drum show, while Mr. President, who is very proud of his African roots, will be performing at 8pm. The German eurodance band became famous in 1996 with Coco Jambo.

So if you like beer and/or are interested in Africa, and having fun, visit Oktoberfest on Saturday! The main sponsor of the event is HTCC, the Hungarian Trade & Cultural centre.


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