Ahu.hu writes that Sándor Balogh, a businessman committed to Africa, and ten other private individuals, founded the African-Hungarian Union exactly ten years ago. Thanks to their persistent alliance they managed to achieve successes in several fields, which secured the Union’s place and also made a strong legitimacy.

The most important steps and outstanding milestones of the 10 years can be summed up as follows: dozens of people, scientists, entrepreneurs and volunteers occupied with Africa joined the organisation. The African-Hungarian Union, known as AHU, organises supportive programmes that offer long-term solutions to the multiply underprivileged ethnic groups and minorities in Africa. The flagships of AHU’s activity are the volunteer medical missions, with which they attended to almost 40,000 patients in different parts of Africa, where thousands of people live without medical attendance due to the lack of experts and equipment.

AHU sándor balogh

Sándor Balogh, the president of AHU, recently gave an interview to Globoport and said: “After ten years, we can now see what we’re really good at. One of the fields we want to concentrate on is health care. We’ve been looking for a spot in Africa, where we could build a permanent base for Hungarian medical workers, for a long time. And now it seems like we’ve found the place: the medical centre will be opening in Uganda with Hungarian support. Besides the organisational work and volunteers, this also requires a lot of donations, which we’re working on as well.”


The members and workers of the Union feel like it’s high time they started returning the endless love, support and encouragement they have received from the Hungarian society for their everyday work, so they are launching an event series until the beginning of October, about which you can read more on their website.

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