The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has stated its objection to the blacklisting of court employees who have participated in training courses organised by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, courses that the ruling Fidesz sees as an attempt to soften them up on the issue of migration.

DK lawmaker Gergely Arató said Fidesz is trying to dismantle the constitutional state and the judiciary, “the last bastion for the administration of justice”.

All judges that pass rulings Fidesz does not like will be branded as “Soros agents” in the next few weeks and months, Arató told a press conference.

There will be a return to the days of the communist regime when courts acted on political orders instead of administering justice, he said.

István Hollik, a spokesman for the ruling parliamentary group, said on Saturday that the Helsinki Committee “holds pro-migrant training” for court employees with a view to making them sympathetic to migrants and their interests.

Source: MTI

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