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The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) on Wednesday called on ruling Fidesz to exclude MEP József Szájer from the party’s ranks with immediate effect.

Balázs Barkóczi, DK’s spokesman, told an online press conference that “József Szájer’s illegal, drug-fuelled group sex orgy raises several questions“.

Barkóczi said Szájer’s case concerned one of Fidesz’s founding members, author of Hungary’s new “so-called Christian-spirited” basic law who has violated laws and tried to flee from the authorities.

Szájer’s actions went against all the principles that Fidesz has been citing in the last ten years while “driving the country to ruin”,

he said.

After such events, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán obviously owes an explanation to the country about Szájer’s future, Barkóczi said.

“Hungarians have been hearing from Fidesz for ten years about what families should be like, what the traditional and desirable gender roles were and how liberalism was trying to ruin the sanctity of the family,”

he said.

Jobbik: Szájer slid down the gutter to the abyss. Coming next: Orbán?

Press release – Fidesz has become an utter disgrace for Europe. No matter what Orbán wants to negotiate about, his EU veto and his false political credo are now seen for what they are: hypocritical and ridiculous. They were both flushed down the drain with József Szájer.

While József Szájer was sliding down the gutter half-naked with drugs in his bag, trying to flee from an illegal orgy held in a gay bar, Comrade Kövér, the anointed guardian of Fidesz morals lay his head to rest in full confidence that 133 “courageous people” were surely going to vote for imposing a fine of HUF 4.4 million (cca. €12,300) on Jobbik president Péter Jakab for “undermining the Parliament’s dignity” with a bag of potatoes.

Let us emphasize that József Szájer is not just a random member of the Fidesz rank and file. On the contrary, he has been Fidesz’ most well-known and successful politicians, a close personal friend and confidant to Viktor Orbán and, last but not least, the chairman of the committee that wrote the text of the granite solid Fundamental Law of Hungary.

Let’s not pretend it was the first time we have ever heard such stories. In fact, rumours of a far more scandalous orgy in Vienna, also busted by a police raid, have been circulating among politicians for quite a while, and József Szájer was allegedly associated with that one as well. Until now, we did not believe the hearsay but, in light of the latest events, those allegations no longer seem entirely baseless. We all know the truth of the proverb: the pitcher will go to the well once too often.

József Szájer’s whole life is nothing but a grand theatrical act.

As recently as last Sunday, he lied to the Hungarian voters saying that the reason why he resigned from his EP seat after “a long contemplation” was because his “participation in the daily political struggles” has put an “increasing mental burden” on him. It is now obvious that he resigned because Orbán, the thief with a grand act of his own, forced him to do so in his attempt to prevent a much tougher scandal than the Borkai affair, which now seems like a romance novel in comparison, from exploding in the face of the lying, pseudo-Christian and pseudo-patriotic governing parties. After turning from a Soros grant recipient Liberal politician into an anti-Soros illiberal figure in his pragmatic effort to get in power, József Szájer’s latest bust clearly shows the true nature of Fidesz’ conservatism with its loud homophobic propaganda and anti-genderism. Patriotic, Christian, honest and sincere? On the contrary!

Let’s not forget that József Szájer’s wife is Tünde Handó who spared no effort to dismantle the independent Hungarian judicial system while she was the president of the National Judicial Office, and was consequently rewarded with a seat in Hungary’s Constitutional Court.

Considering how much damage József Szájer caused to Hungary and the Hungarian people by representing Fidesz’ lying anti-European and anti-Soros propaganda, we have no sympathy for him at all.

Orbán’s confidant was punished for his lies, just like his boss will be punished for his theft. Today it’s József Szájer’s two faces, tomorrow it’s Orbán’s theft that will come to light! What does the other proverb say? The fish rots from the head down!

There are no two Fideszes: it’s all the same Fidesz that consists of lying, corrupt, thieving criminals. Here’s our message to them: the moment of truth will come for all of you!

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary, the real people’s party

Source: MTI

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  1. Prime Minister – Victor Orban – will rise to the occasion, in all probability, conducting a private meeting – men only club type of environment – behind closed doors, probably curtains drawn, and lighting that captures the mood and sensitivity of purpose, the meeting that he may call, and that he conducts
    with Jozsef Szajer.
    In probability, Prime Minister – Victor Orban, may experience an air of melancholy that surrounds him.
    The cordial and the reason for the calling of a private meeting attended to, the time arrives, for The Prime Minister to lurch upon or set upon Jozsef Szajer, that exhibits his vexation.
    The climatic ending – the crescendo of the meeting, the volcanic blow off discharged by Mount Vesuvius AD79, is what rightfully – the power of the message, directed at Jozsef Szajer, by the Prime Minister and will penetrate hard and deep into Jozsef Szajer – the core of his being.
    Prime Minister – Victor Orban, is deserving of our support, what ever actions he decides to take in this humiliating situation, that has embarrassed us – as a Country.

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