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Daily News Hungary

Budapest, March 9 (MTI) – The government has launched its campaign ahead of a referendum against the European Union’s migrant quotas through declaring a state of emergency in connection with migration, the leftist Democratic Coalition said on Wednesday.

The Socialist Party demanded that the government should disclose the information which served the basis for its decision. Socialist leader József Tóbiás suggested that there might not be such information, in which case the government’s measure is “too early”.

The Liberal Party also suggested that legal conditions for declaring a national emergency were not in place or the government was hiding facts from the public.

In a statement, the Liberals said that one such condition was tied to the number of refugees arriving daily, another to the number of people in transit zones, both numbers currently below the legally defined threshold. A third condition in the law is a possible circumstance impacting public security or health, which, if there is such circumstance, the government is obliged to share with the public, the document said.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. Being genuinely THE ONLY country in Europe taking a firm position and concrete actions regarding this bullsh*t story of refugees, I have nothing but appreciation for your determination in keeping a sense of normality on this continent.
    Congrats Hungary, from a Romanian guy ! Hope you won’t let this migrants arrive at our borders, because I’m pretty sure we won’t have the same capacity and determination in keeping them at a safe distance and instead we will create nothing but chaos…

  2. Is the Socialist Party on the side of Hungarians, I do not believe. All the Socialist Party does is complain and complain. I am sure that Hungarians do not wish to foot the bill for migrants who do not obey the country’s laws. I was also offended by the amount of garbage that was left, none in a garbage bins. The ruckus at the boarder was not impressive. What kind of people are they?

    I do feel for the children. Parents make unwise decisions to cross to Greece from Turkey. They would have had a better chance of moving to another country if they waited their turn instead of trying to get the front of the line, e.g. Canada took 25,000 refugees from camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

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