Budapest, April 11 (MTI) – The opposition Liberal Party will file a report to the police in connection with “classified” studies prepared for the government by the Szazadveg Institute, party leader Gábor Fodor said.

Fodor insisted a report by news portal showed that the prime minister’s office had broken the law by classifying the Századvég studies.

The portal went to court three years ago to obtain all the material prepared by Századvég for the government for the sum of 4.1 billion forints (EUR 13m) in order to check whether the studies were what they claimed to be.

Fodor said it was clear that the Századvég reports were not worth the price the government had paid for them.

The documents were converted into a format which is not searchable and it impossible to tell when they were prepared, he said.

The public also has the right to know who at Századvég was given the opportunity to access classified government documents, he said. On this score, the Liberals will also file a report on suspected abuse of public-interest data.


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