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LMP initiates referendum on ‘Paks 3’ plan

LMP initiates referendum on ‘Paks 3’ plan

Green opposition LMP on Friday said it has submitted referendum bids in connection with the planned addition of further new blocks to Hungary’s sole nuclear power plant in Paks

Last week, János Süli, minister without portfolio in charge of the upgrade of the Paks plant, suggested that further blocks should be added to the planned two new blocks to meet Hungary’s increased future energy demands. Suli argued that the country’s power demand could reach 5,000 megawatts by 2030.

Only the Hungarian people have a right to decide on the use of nuclear energy in Hungary,

LMP board member Péter Ungár said in a statement.


He said the National Election Committee (NVB) would have no choice but to approve LMP’s referendum questions, since they do not concern international agreements.

The NVB has repeatedly said that

the Paks 2 project is ineligible for a referendum as it is governed by an international accord.

Ungár said Süli recently “admitted” that the upgrade of the Paks plant would begin a year later than originally planned. He insisted that this proved that the government was unfit to carry out or even prepare the project.

Hungary signed an agreement with Russia on the construction of two blocks at the Paks nuclear power plant in 2014.

As we wrote on Wednesday, projections show that there will be a shortage of energy capacity in Hungary in 2030 after the current Paks nuclear power station expansion project is completed, so further development plans are needed, János Süli, the minister in charge of the upgrade project, told a hearing in parliament’s national security committee on Wednesday.

Source: MTI

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