Budapest, May 15 (MTI) – Both the green LMP and radical nationalist Jobbik have sharply criticised ruling Fidesz for what they see as a failed investigation into the wealth of Gabor Simon, a former Socialist leader.

Daily Napi Gazdasag reported on Friday that the investigation against Simon, who had been suspected of tax fraud and other crimes, had been concluded and he could go unpunished.

In reaction, LMP co-chair Andras Schiffer suggested that Fidesz was “covering up” for Simon and “similar dubious figures”. Fidesz and the Socialist Party “use each other’s crimes as a cover”, Schiffer said, and demanded that parliament passes an LMP proposal aimed at strict control over politicians’ wealth.

Jobbik said that Fidesz has “given up its goal to take corrupted Socialist politicians to account”.

“Simon could walk away with over a hundred million forints”, Elod Novak, deputy head of Jobbik, said, and proposed that the assets of politicians should be checked every four years.

In a statement, Fidesz said it would be an “appalling attack against transparency” if the source of “hundreds of millions” on Simon’s secret bank accounts could not be identified.

“Hungarians are entitled to be informed how and through what crimes” those funds had been amassed, Fidesz said, and called for a “suitable punishment” for the perpetrator of the alleged crimes.

In its statement, the ruling party also suggested that “Socialist politicians should refresh Simon’s memory” as to the source of the money.

Simon quit his post as the Socialist Party’s deputy leader and gave up his seat in parliament in February last year after reports that he had undeclared assets worth 240 million forints (EUR 780,000) on an Austrian bank account.

Photo: MTI


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