The green opposition LMP party on Sunday announced the first thirty names on its national list for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The list is headed by PM candidate Bernadett Szél, followed by Ákos Hadházy, Péter Ungár, and Erzsébet Schmuck, Szél told a press conference in Kecskemét, in southeastern Hungary.

Szél added, however, that the third, 10th and 12th places in the list would go to the Új Kezdet (New Beginning) party headed by Gödöllő mayor György Gémesi, with whom the LMP leadership agreed on election cooperation on Saturday. If they clear the parliamentary threshold of 5 percent of the votes, the two parties will have a joint group in the national assembly, she suggested.

Szél said that

all LMP’s candidates would run in individual constituencies, too, and added that the party would field candidates in all Hungary’s 106 electoral districts.

Szél noted that LMP was the first party to present a national list ahead of the election set for next spring.


Source: MTI

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