Budapest (MTI) – The opposition LMP party said it will collect signatures in the coming weeks to demand the full-scale renovation of Budapest’s metro 3 line, including the provision of wheelchair access.

Giving a press conference at one of the metro stations of line 3 on Saturday, Antal Csárdi, a Budapest councillor of the party, said the government “is gambling with the lives of Budapest residents” when it refuses to see the importance of the metro reconstruction and will not start the work immediately. “We often hear from Fidesz that there is no money for this,” Csárdi said, adding that the 40 billion forints that the state did not pay to the Budapest Transport Centre (BKK) to finance agglomeration transport would provide sufficient funding for the renovation of the metro stations.

Csárdi said “it is wrong to think about Budapest” … “as if it were a small settlement”, adding that Budapest is the heart of the country and they expect the government to treat it in a way that is worthy of the capital.

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) party has demanded that Budapest mayor István Tarlós should shut down the sections of the metro 3 line that are classified as dangerous by experts.

Councillor Erzsébet Gy. Németh also called on the mayor at her press conference in Budapest on Saturday to name those who are obstructing the reconstruction of the metro line.

Tarlós on Friday expressed serious concern about the metro reconstruction project, adding that he had the impression that “certain people have the intention of thwarting the plan”.

Source: MTI

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