Choosing decorative residential mailboxes is a simple but effective way to make a great first impression on those who see it, and to share a little of your personality, attitude and lifestyle, but getting this right takes a little thought and planning.

So before you rush out and make an impulse purchase take a look at our top buying tips, they are a great guide to finding the best possible mailbox for your home.

Look for a decorative mailbox which complements the style of your house.

The type of mailbox you want to look out for will be different if you live in a colonial style property rather than, say, very contemporary home.

Decorative mailboxes come in various forms and materials, including plastic, steel, brick and wood, so always ask yourself which would fit best with your home’s style.

Get the size right too

A huge decorative mailbox in front of a more modest-sized property would look plain odd, although if you have a real need for a larger than average mailbox it may be best to seek advice and suggestions from an expert.

Know your decorative boundaries

Mailboxes can be as plain or as over the top as you like, so it helps to have some ideas about what appeals, and perhaps also what doesn’t.

A smart regular mailbox sitting on a stunning decorative pole which incorporates a lamp, or some well-done engravings on a metal wall mounted mailbox may be enough for some buyers, while others may feel more drawn to a tastefully hand-painted mailbox, one covered with a photograph of their choice.

Then there are mailbox toppers, which can be seasonally themed, or more permanent and in the shape of things like animals and cars. How far you go is a decision for you alone to make.

Mainstream or bespoke?

There are plenty of online sites selling a range of ready to deliver decorative mailboxes, some are shaped like other things, such as vehicles or animals, and still more who give customers the opportunity to design their own look from a range of options on everything from the style and shape of the post to the color of the mailbox itself, as well as adding the house number (and sometimes the street name too).

Customers with very specific ideas can also find mailbox designers who can make and decorate products to order. Several people make miniature replicas of your actual house, which is a cool idea for sure.

Of course, it’s also possible to customize your own mailbox, either with a coat or two of paint or some decals. The route you take here depends largely on your timescale, budget and personal preferences.

Taking a little time to think about all the options open to you is a good investment, as the end result will be a customized mailbox you really like and can enjoy for a long time to come.


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