Photo: reports that one of the most romantic and peaceful lodges can be found at the end of a small village, called Noszvaj, located in the Bükk Mountains. The extreme accommodation is the masterpiece of an entrepreneur from Budapest and the Arkt Architecture Studio from Eger. It enjoys great popularity which shows that many people would like to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the beautiful surrounding and the proximity of nature.

The owner, Péter Maliga, reveals that they wanted to come up with something unique. They all worked in small boarding houses or hotels before, but they realised very soon that the number of these establishments is endless in Hungary. Coupon books were full of sales, but they doubted whether hotels could attract as many people in January to be financially profitable. That is why they chose Treehouses, the new type of accommodation, to construct that might seem to be odd at 1st glance.


The houses, although not real tree houses, are located at the height of the tree foliage. In Asia, several lodges operate that are similar to these, but there, neither the legislation nor the climate demands a strong structure with insulation. The original idea of the owner was to establish more spontaneous, romantic and ad hoc lodges, but in collaboration with the architect, they decided to set up lodges that can operate throughout the year. To this decision, an important factor also contributed, that is to employ the employees all year round.


Since the purchase of the lot, only 11 months passed by and the 1st visitors arrived at the lodges in December 2017. The lot, located on the lakeshore, meant a minor expenditure to the owner who believes that it was far more expensive to provide electricity in all the houses.

Before the construction, they made a thorough research based on Asian, Slovenian and Austrian lodges.

In spite of this, problems occured. It was not easy to find a carpenter, reports Gábor Fábián, architect and one of the founders of the Studio. Eventually, a young professional carried out the work. The design of the lodges that measure a total of 27 square meters and that of the terrace that makes up another 12 square meters each, was not a difficult task. Still, because of the shower, the bathroom, the small kitchen and the jacuzzi, it required much consideration because of the need for strong pillars.


They tried to keep the natural surroundings untouched during the construction, reports the architect. He further points out that Scandinavian examples helped them a lot to use the space effectively. In the ground floor of one of the buildings, a reception and a sauna were also set up. They mostly used spruce for the construction, the biggest enemy of which is UV radiation. Hopefully, rays can hardly penetrate through the dense forest that would harm the material.

Altogether, the investment along with the lot cost around 70 million forints, that is 233,333 euros.

It is only 1.5 months that have passed by since the opening of the Treehouses, but several people have already visited the lodges. A couple, for example, arrived from Budapest who, after seeing that there is no cable TV and no paleo cake in the local confectionery, left. There are, however, many thoughtful visitors, too, which is shown by the fact that only a few lodges are vacant and until May; they are 70% full.


The Treehouses cost 49,900 Ft/night (166.3 euros) and 59,900 Ft/night (199.7 euros) at the weekend. It is absolutely worth a visit if you would like to relax in the proximity of nature in a peaceful environment.

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