Reconstruction work on metro line M3 could begin between Lehel tér and Újpest-Központ stops as well as on the Kőbánya-Kispest and Nagyvárad tér section in November. reports on the proposal submitted to the General Assembly of Budapest.

The work will be divided into three parts, but procurement procedures are happening at the same time, so work on the middle section of the line can start simultaneously as well. During the construction of the northern and southern sections metros will run on a shortened schedule on the middle section, between 4:30am and 8pm. The construction work will be done at night and on the weekends, and the section will be out of service completely only after the other two parts are completed.

While the line is under construction, replacement buses will operate instead. Ideally, work will start in November, and the line will be back in service in June 2019, and completed in September 2019. The project costs approximately HUF 137.5 billion (EUR 443 million).

According to the document, the main objective of the reconstruction project is to improve current conditions and to make sure that the trains operate safely at 80 km/h. The safety mechanism and the Automatic Train Operation System (AVR) still meet transport and technological requirements. The replacement of the necessary mechanical elements and the renovation of track circuits and signs are supposed to ensure reliable operation for the next 20-25 years.

The stations and the surface infrastructure will be renovated as well. Lifts will be installed at the Újpest-Központ, Gyöngyösi utca, Forgách utca, Lehel tér, Nyugati pályaudvar, Deák Ferenc tér, Corvin-negyed, Nagyvárad tér, Néplight and Határ út stops, and new escalators will operate at Újpest-városkapu, Gyöngyösi utca, Dózsa György út, Lehel tér, Nagyvárad tér and Ecseri út.

The 17.3 km long M3 metro line has 20 stops, and it transports more than 500,000 passengers a day.

Photo: Daily News Hungary

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