Police Evidence Rendőrségi Bizonyíték Nyaklánc Necklace Scene Tetthely
The stolen necklace Source: Police.hu

Thursday morning, 21st May, a man tore a necklace off the neck of a woman who was pushing a stroller in Deák Ferenc Street in District 19. After the failed attempt, he tried to steal again.

According to the police, on Thursday, a man in Budapest’s District 19 tore a necklace from the neck of a mother pushing a stroller on Deák Ferenc Street. Due to the robbery attempt,

the mother fell on the stroller, which fell over, and the toddler fell out as a result. Both the mother and her child were injured.

Having seen the incident, an eyewitness rushed to the woman’s aid, so the attacker dropped the necklace and ran away to his criminal partner’s car, and they both fled the scene, Blikk reported.

One hour later, the two men tried to steal another necklace in a similar way in District 9 in a tram stop at Határ Street. The woman was getting on the tram when her necklace was torn from her neck. The victim reacted quickly and pressed the vehicle’s alarm immediately after the attack, so the tram driver and a passenger were able to rush to her aid. The assailant ran away from the scene, threw the necklace while fleeing, and they drove away by car with his partner.

Police Evidence Rendőrségi Bizonyíték Nyaklánc Necklace
The stolen necklace scene investigation Source: Police.hu

Thanks to data collection, the police identified the alleged perpetrators within an hour.

On 21 May, the 26-year-old Gyula B. was arrested in District 20, and his accomplice, the 24-year-old Sándor H., was arrested in the afternoon by Ferencváros investigators in his apartment in District 9.

Under reasonable suspicion of robbery and theft in the case of Gyula B. and two counts of robbery in the case of Sándor H., the investigators of the Budapest Police Headquarters from the police station at District 9 questioned the perpetrators as suspects.

The two men were detained, and the police made the motion to arrest.

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Source: Blikk.hu, Police.hu

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