A man jumped off the Koroshegy viaduct on Friday. The police confirmed that he was wanted by the authorities, origo.hu wrote.

The man drove his car in the middle of the viaduct. He got out and jumped into the 88-m abyss – newspaper Bors reported.

The Pest County Police confirmed that he was a wanted person. They could not give any further information, because the arrest warrant is not public at present. The Siofok police deals with the death in the context of an administrative proceeding.

According to Bors, the Vice Mayor said that they always were afraid that suicides could happen here as well as at the other viaducts.

Bridge engineering is responsible for the bridge, but it has not been known whether they plan to do something about the suicides. A camera system watches the viaduct. It is prohibited to stop here and there is no emergency lane, so if one sees an abandoned car they immediately inform the police. But if someone wants to jump she just has to get out of the car and jump, the Vice Mayor told.

According to origo.hu, a 37-year old Veszprem woman also jumped off a viaduct. That one is called Szent Istvan viaduct – or Veszprem viaduct – and its highest point is 37 meters.

Hungary is among the leading countries on the list of the number of suicides, WHO data show. About 6% of the suicides are committed by jumping off high places. The bridges of Budapest – especially the Liberty Bridge – are famous locations for committing suicide, origo.hu wrote.

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