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Manu Chao in Budapest Park

Manu Chao in Budapest Park

Two years after his sold-out concert, Manu Chao will perform again in Budapest Park. The world-renowned Basque-Spanish songwriter and performer, who was born in France, will give a concert in the open-air club on July 13, said.

The 54 year-old Manu Chao’s performance in Budapest Park two years ago was considered the concert of the year by many in Hungary. Manu Chao who is known for his popular songs, social commitment, cosmopolitan nature and militancy will come to the capital with his La Ventura production formed with his three companions – the organizers told MTI.

In the band, besides the frontman Manu Chao (originally named Jose Manuel Arturo Tomas) Madjid Fahem will play the guitar, Philippe Teboul the drums and Gambeat (Jean Michel Dercourt) the bass. Known and legendary songs and never-heard songs included in their repertoire.

Critics wrote about their concert in Budapest two years ago: “I don’t know whether they had a setlist, but it seemed they played what the boss randomly had begun so many tracks and more singing-shouting parts were repeated from time to time and the audience was very happy because of that. You felt it was a two-hour long continuous fiesta which was difficult to isolate to individual songs”.

According to, Manu Chao has been an influential performer of the world’s pop music for a quarter of a century, who achieved his first success with Mano Negra in the second half of the eighties and his first solo album, Clandestino was released in 1998. Manu Chao’ music- making is inspired by “street” cultures varying by country and city. Thus, the multicultural and multilingual music which was born this way, is the medley of rock, reggae, punk and ska, collecting sounds and rhythms from different parts of the Earth. All this is in English, Spanish, French or Italian, mixing even in one song as well.

The musician’s intellectual parents immigrated to France from the Franco dictatorship. He socialized in Paris and its suburbs, this effect determines his art even today.

Manu Chao has visited Hungary several times: he gave concerts in Petofi Hall in 2002, at Sziget Festival in 2007, at Volt Festival in 2008,

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