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Last year, the most preferred destination among those who moved to another settlement temporarily or permanently was Pest County, including Budapest’s agglomeration – revealed by a freshly published analysis of the Central Statistical Office (KSH), which also shows how property prices have changed compared to the pre-epidemic level.

Based on last year’s trends, settlements in Pest County are the most popular destinations in the property market. 

Accordingly, its population has increased by more than 16,000 due to the relocations, which can also be explained by the significant number of emigrants from the capital.

According to László Balogh, economic expert of, almost 40,000 people moved from Budapest to the agglomeration, while more than 25,000 migrated from Pest County to Budapest. As Pénzcentrum reports, these were followed by Fejér, Vas, Komárom-Esztergom and Veszprém counties, chosen by 1450-1550 people.

As a result of the migration, Budapest’s population decreased by 5,700, followed by Borsod (5,200) and Békés counties that was left by 4,550 people.

According to the expert, the majority of people remain loyal to their county; accordingly, 70% of Borsodians, 68% of Szabolcs’s inhabitants and 66% of Baranya’s population did not cross the county border to find their new homes.

Even though average prices per square meter in the supply market have stagnated in most places compared to the pre-epidemic level of the coronavirus, also examined how typical prices of second-hand homes and houses advertised by private individuals have changed.

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  • In Székesfehérvár, the average price of houses for sale is still EUR 154,400 (~HUF 53 million), while the purchase price of flats decreased by 2% to EUR 67,880 (~HUF 23.3 million)  compared to the pre-epidemic level.
  • In Érd, the average price of houses for sale has increased by 2% to EUR 155,280 (~HUF 53.3 million) compared to February, while the average cost of apartments decreased by 6% to EUR 87,110 (~HUF 29.9 million). 
  • As far as Borson County is concerned, the average price of houses in Miskolc increased by 1% from February to June; numerically, EUR 88,860 (~HUF 30.5 million); while apartment prices have stagnated at EUR 39,620 (~HUF 13.6 million).

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