Budapest, February 14 (MTI) – A location will be selected in Budapest to be named Moszkva Square but the Szell Kalman Square will not revert to its previous name as proposed by the opposition Socialists, Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos said on Saturday.

In response to Socialist representative Csaba Horvath’s Friday petition Tarlos said in a statement that the major transport hub in Buda had reverted to its previous name when it was renamed from Moszva Square to Szell Kalman Square on a local civilian initiative.

He said that before making a final proposal on the location for Moszkva Square, he will wait for a visit by the Moscow mayor to Budapest, due in a few months’ time. He added that during this visit, he also plans to agree on a street to be named after Budapest in Moscow.

Horvath argued on Friday that it would be fitting to name the square which is currently under reconstruction after Moscow. “We owe it to the memory of the 80,000 Soviet soldiers who paid with their lives to free Budapest of the Nazi siege in the Second World War,” Horvath said on Friday, the day 70 years ago that the siege ended.

Tarlos added in his Saturday statement that the Socialists should decide how their concerns for the Russian soldiers who died 70 years ago can be harmonised with their aversions to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s upcoming visit.



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