If it was up to Istvan Tarlos (Fidesz), Lord-Mayor of Budapest, and Mate Kocsis (Fidesz), Mayor of the 8th district of Budapest, there wouldn’t be the gay parade called Pride on Andrassy ut next time. Kocsis said last week that Pride shouldn’t be held in a World Heritage area, it could be replaced by the parking lot of the Wholesale Market, for example, 444.hu said.

And now, Istvan Tarlos also said his opinion about Budapest Pride. He “doesn’t really understand” why the parade is good and “he’s afraid that this thing isn’t worthy of the historic environment of Andrassy ut”.

Anyway, he thinks this whole phenomenon is “unnatural and disgusting”. Of course, it’s his personal opinion.

Kocsis said a little wistfully that even if he wanted to, he couldn’t organize elsewhere because it falls within the scope of the right of assembly.

based on the article of 444.hu
translated by BA

Photo: MTI

Source: http://444.hu

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