Several livestock exhibitions are organised at the Great Hungarian Plain Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Days, an annual event where the country’s most beautiful livestock is chosen. This year’s winner is the lovely Göndör.

The 26th Great Hungarian Plain Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Days, International Exhibition and Fair was organised at Hódmezővásárhely. This is a three-day-long exhibition of Hungarian livestock.

At the event, Hungary’s most beautiful cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry, fish and rabbits are competing against each other to find out who is the most beautiful livestock out there, Hvg reports.

The animals usually get extra pampered for these shows; they even got their hair and nails done. Moreover, cow’s udders were shaven, hairstylists styled their tails, and their feet were also done (washed and pedicured).

However, appearance is not all that matters. Judges also take into consideration livestock production technology, stable systems, animal breeding related machinery, reproductive biology, animal health, pharmacology and genetics.

Forbes reports that Hungary’s most beautiful livestock has already been selected.

The winner in 2019 is Göndör [curly], a cow from Biharnagybajomi Dózsa Agrár Zrt. She produced over 40,000 litres of milk so far.


Göndör met the judges’ expectations in every respect. Balázs Fekete, the main organiser of this year’s event, told that

Göndör “has shown the features needed for large-scale milk production, which breeders are looking for in their cows, and for which they use sperm from only the best bulls. For large milk production, it is important to have a good udder structure, a fair leg structure, and a relatively large and deep chest for the internal organs to work properly.”

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