One of the most well-known Michelin Star restaurants of Budapest prepares an exceptional gastro-experience with strict coronavirus rules to protect all the attending guests of the unique event.

HVG reported that on October 17, the meals and specialities of Miguel Vieira, the first non-Hungarian chef earning a Michelin Star, will be served in the cabins of the Ferris-wheel at Erzsébet Square (Deák Square) in Budapest, which is called Budapest Eye. The restaurant, for the first time, also offers a premium home delivery service of the special meals.

The restaurant announced that Budapest Eye finally becomes a moving restaurant, something Costes Downtown has always dreamt about.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the restaurant decided to hold the event in the cabins of the ferries wheel because only four people fit inside. These can be families and friends without any strangers.

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Costes is only open three times a week and due to the decrease in the number of tourists and Hungarian guests, one of the brand’s restaurants had to be closed at Ráday Street. In order to not lose employees, Costest starts a home delivery service to bring not only simple food but a complete Michelin Star meal to homes.

The service is exceptional because chefs go to families, apartments and houses personally and cook, even together with people. The restaurant brings all the ingredients from food, drink, wine, glasses and others.

To take part in the event and to try the special offer of Costes Downtown you need to register on the restaurant’s website.

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  1. Innovative – looking outside the square, trust it adds another reason why people should visit our magnificent and beautiful Capital City of Hungary, Budapest.
    I dined at a restaurant named Titanic – years past.
    Staff and dining area all attired fitted out, as though you where going to dine in the main restaurant of this ill-fated White Star – Atlantic ocean liner.
    The band played on, but during the main course, the floor of the restaurant started vibrating, and sounds changed from music, to that you could imagine occur when an ocean liner has an Atlantic Ice Berg collision, as did occur to the Titanic, way back in April 1912.
    Stay Safe & Well – ALL.

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