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There are many false information in the news regarding the migrant crisis in Hungary, so the Hungarian Tourism Ltd. decided to make a photo series to show tourists how safe the country still is, despite of the negative propaganda.

The Ltd. made a short campaign movie along with a photo series, showing the busy tourist centres and popular places. Their aim is to reassure tourists that despite of what some newspapers might write, Budapest and Hungary are still a peaceful and loveable tourist attraction – says

According to Tamás Glázer, deputy CEO of Hungarian Tourism Ltd., tourists need to know that despite of the negative news – thousands of refugees living around the Keleti train station, their departure and journey through Hungary to the Western countries – Hungary is still safe, and tourist routes are far from the areas where migrants are staying. No one has been harmed by any of the refugees and no one will be attacked in the future either.

Glázer says that the world media does not portray the situation how it really is, so it is the Hungarian Tourism Ltd.’s responsibility to show: Hungary is safe and friendly, and an excellent tourist destination.

The campaign movie and the photo series will be available on the company’s website, and they will try to promote them through international relations. However, among the comments of tourist forums – Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor – there is no trace of negative comments about the situation.

People would rather like to know if trains are still running according to schedule; otherwise there are the usual comments about overpriced taxis and mean controllers.

It’s hard to tell if the campaign will have any effect; none of the users are excited about the nostalgic campaign movies which portray a 1000 year of Hungary’s history (including the Hungarian Tourism Ltd.’s 2011 movie). People are rather asking questions about clubs and pubs, and they cherish the opinions of those who have already been to Hungary.

translated by Adrienn Sain
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  1. I’d rather wait!! Im brazilian and Im afraid they will treat me in a bad way as Im not blond. Im afraid of thel racist wave ! And yes they are racist !! I used to live there. Ps. Im not black and just tanned

  2. lys. Please don’t be afraid. If you wish to visit Hungary forinstance, you are welcome and will be treated honerably. Hungary is not racist, only the migrants. You will be looked after.

  3. @lys, this reaction say it all: “Hungary is not racist, only the migrants.” Remember a woman was beaten up simply because someone thought her friend was a foreigner because of the colour of his skin. All the statistics show that Hungarians are deeply xenophobic.

  4. Greetings from Sweden, a beautiful but fragmented country.
    The only place in the EU I wish to spend my holyday in is Hungary, which still is a proud European nation.

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