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Zagreb, September 30 (MTI) – The migration crisis was in focus at talks between the human resources ministry’s state secretary and the local archbishop and Croatia’s local Hungarian leaders in Zagreb on Wednesday.

Miklos Soltesz told MTI that he agreed with Cardinal Josip Bozanic and his other partners that Christian charities play an important role in helping the migrants passing through the two countries.

“But the migration problem must be tackled at its roots: in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria,” he said, adding that help and assistance must first be provided to these countries.

He said that recent harsh statements by the Croatian prime minister have not deteriorated bilateral ties with Hungary.

“Charity organisations supported by the Hungarian government regularly help their partner organisations in Croatia,” Soltesz said.

The Baptist Charity will for instance deliver 300,000 dollars worth of aid it raised in the United States to Croatia, he added.

“This again illustrates that our focus in Hungary is not the Croatian political leadership’s approach towards our country, but to provide help to migrants and the Croatian people,” Soltesz said.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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