Budapest, November 7 (MTI) – Unscheduled services in connection with the recent influx of migrants have incurred costs totalling 700 million forints (EUR 2.2m), national railways MAV reported on Saturday.

MAV chief Ilona David told public news television M1 that the amount was made up of overtime pay for railway employees, the cost of unscheduled trains as well as cleaning and disinfecting railway carriages.

David also said that similarly to soldiers, railway employees working with migrants would each receive a one-off bonus of 20,000 forints (EUR 64).

Photo: MTI


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  1. This mass migration is the fault of Herr Merkel. Since she requested the settling of hundreds of thousands of migrants in Germany, then she should be presented with the full bill, for rail transportation, policing, security, medical and all organizations who provided assistance. In fact the Serbs, Croats, Slovenes and Austrians should do the same.

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