Budapest, September 4 (MTI) – Overnight on Friday, police persuaded 39 mostly Syrian migrants to get on a bus to the immigration office of the nearby city of Gyor. The mostly young men had travelled by train from Budapest’s Keleti station westwards on Thursday when train stopped at Nagyszentjanos.

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A police spokeswoman from Gyor-Moson-Sopron County said in a statement that an interpreter had helped officers persuade the migrants to get on the bus. At the office they were given a hot meal and water and then they were transported to the Vamosszabadi reception centre, the statement said.

Several showed police valid tickets to Munich, and they did not understand why they were not being allowed to travel on. At first they said they would prefer to walk the 20km rather than go by bus.

The migrants refused food and drink both from police and volunteers.

Earlier about 100 migrants were taken off that same train and were transported to Gyor.

Photo: MTI


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