A Dunaújváros AM-31-es aknamentesítõ hajó legénysége elõkészül a Dunában talált második világháborús bomba kiemeléséhez a Rákóczi hídnál 2016. november 9-én. A bombát november 8-án találták a Duna medrében. MTI Fotó: Mohai Balázs


Budapest, November 23 (MTI) – Technicians of the Hungarian military removed a 500 kilo US bomb, hidden under water since WWII, from the river Danube near Budapest’s southern railway bridge on Wednesday.

During the sensitive operation nearby Rákóczi bridge and the entire area were closed down and public transportation services were suspended.

The GP-1000 bomb was hauled onto a military vessel and taken away to be neutralised.

The explosive device was discovered two weeks ago, over 5 metres deep in the water. An attempt was made to remove it at the time, but bad weather conditions prevented the military’s divers from completing the operation.

Második világháborús bombát emelnek ki a Dunából a Rákó

Photo: MTI

Source: MTi

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