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Yes, it’s right, this is part 4, about us admiring Hungarian proverbs. By now, you can probably tell that our language is full of creative and funny figures of speech, expressions and sayings. At first, they might seem terrifying for foreigners, but once you get the hang of them, you’ll be using them as frequently as Hungarian swear words 😉

Proverbs form an important part of all languages, because they mostly originate from historic times and folk culture. They spread as a word-of-mouth until they become indispensable elements in the given language. It’s good to know a few, because you’re bound to encounter them at some point. And we’re always here to help when it comes to the Hungarian language 🙂

However, please keep in mind that we are not linguists in any way, we’re just as dazzled by the curiosities of the Hungarian language as foreigners are. So this series doesn’t aim to explain the etymology of words, it’s more of a fun take on our language. We try to bring Hungarian closer to you with witty learning cards made by Daily magyar, a language-enthusiast person, whose posts give an insight into the complexity of Hungarian grammar. But don’t worry, it’s all done in an easy-going way so that it can make learning fun.

So let’s learn some proverbs, shall we? (Click HERE, HERE or HERE for more)

We’ll see…
One may as well hanged for a sheep as a lamb
Watch what you put on the fire…
I’m sick to death
You can take my word for it
Connecting with Mother Nature
The proof that Hungarians love to eat 🙂

Photos/ learning cards:

Featured image: Daily News Hungary

Source: Daily News Hungary

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