Hungary is making good progress on meeting its climate targets and has been taking “exemplary” measures to combat climate change, the innovation and technology ministry said on Friday.

Hungary has put in place a firm action plan on climate change, the ministry said in a statement. The country is on board with the European Union’s 2030 climate targets, it said, noting that the bloc had the plan and resources needed to meet them.

The ministry added that Hungary’s targets were even more ambitious than those of the EU, noting the goal of making 90 percent of the country’s electricity production CO2-free by 2030.

Concerning Hungary’s progress in reducing its carbon emissions, the ministry noted that greenhouse gas emissions were down by one-third since 1990.

This means Hungary is tied with Denmark for 9th place in the EU in terms of progress on reducing emissions, it added.

Hungary is progressing better than most EU member states on the goal of climate-neutral energy production, the ministry said. It said Austria, Cyprus, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, Spain and other countries had even increased their greenhouse gas emissions in recent years.

Source: MTI

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