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New research entitled “Climate activism in Hungary” has been published about who exactly participated in the second and third global climate strike and what they think about our world.

The research was done by Dániel Mikecz and Dániel Oross in the climate activism research group of the Research Centre of Social Sciences Institute, reported 24.hu.

The research has revealed that:

  • mostly women and young students participated in the strikes – that applies to the protests in Budapest as well.
  • Protesters do or have attended higher education facilities, they actively participate in politics and are conscious of their consumption.
  • Their main motivation is to raise awareness.
  • Both the protesters and the whole population agree that the protection of nature should come before economic growth. They also agree that politicians should listen to the findings of climate researchers.
  • Out of the whole population, adult protesters are mostly leaning left, while the students position themselves in the middle.
  • One-fifth of students and one-third of adults do not see the point of categorisation.
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Photo: Zsuzsi Dörgő / https://www.facebook.com/FFFHungary/

The Budapest organisers of the Global Climate strike say that we need action, it is not enough to simply announce a climate emergency in Budapest, according to HVG. Levente Pribéli, a member of the activist group Fridays for Future, says that their goal is to make decision-makers listen to experts on the topic. They are glad about the announcing of the emergency but would like to see further action, more than just words.

Pribéli says they have never received an answer to the group’s open letter to the government about vetoing the 2050 carbon neutrality vote.

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The government did not answer HVG‘s questions about whether they are participating in or supporting the event.

Source: 24.hu, hvg.hu

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  1. For 120 years, unscrupulous politicians have tried to convince the people that unless we give them all our money and all our power, that we will freeze or heat or end the planet.

    These prophets of doom are only interested in their own profits and power.

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