Budapest, September 6 (MTI) – Hungary observes all rules and regulations of the European Union upon handling the current, “astoundingly massive” wave of migrants, and makes every possible effort to protect the Schengen border, Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade told MTI on Sunday.

The ministry responded to a Sunday interview in which Christian Levrat, leader of the Swiss Social Democratic Party, proposed that Switzerland should freeze financial support for Hungary because of the “human rights situation and refugee scandal”.

The head of the second strongest party of the governing coalition also proposed that the Swiss authorities should ban Prime Minister Viktor Orban from entering the territory of Switzerland.

The ministry said that such statements fail to help find an appropriate solution to the crisis and are only suitable for needlessly lashing up political sentiments.

Austrian civilians came to the Hungarian-Austrian border to be transported immigrants

Keleti station, Budapest

CCTV – Austria, Germany open borders to migrants

Photo: MTI


  1. Isn’t Switzerland the same country who “banked” stolen Nazi loot? Why should they be saying anything to any country after their reputation and Nazi connections?

  2. Were Victor Orban and Donald Trump identical twins separated at birth?
    Both boffoons, and neurotic attention seekers without much substance.
    Victor Orban, a mediocre soccer player, mediocre law student, mediocre lawyer,
    but an astute, opportunistic and corrupt politician; utterly void of ethics, professional and personal.
    As a Hungarian, I am deeply embarrassed and humiliated, by the clownish,
    arrogant and ludicrous performance of Victor Orban. A lesson for those of us,
    who in our civic apathy, ignore exercising our voting rights resulting in an intellectually challenged, neurotic ego maniac and racist being elected to lead our government. Representing our country in the international community and misrepresenting the values of the Hungarian people, which are humanistic, inclusive, intelligent, and progressive,
    not the racist rantings of a small, perverted and damaged minority.

  3. You don’t have to like the man or his politics, however, in this instance he is correct. Hungary is doing its best to process the asylum seekers and provide shelter, while keeping the Schengen and Dublin agreements, unlike other countries. There are over 4 million more Syrians headed Hungary’s way and if nothing is done to prevent these wanderers from continuing their journey north, Europe, all of it will suffer. You want a future for yourself, your children or your children’s children, then stop the nonsense at the border. If thousands are settled through out Europe, there will be more incidences of violence like in France this year. Look how London has changed with large muslim populations who refuse to integrate. They yell at and harass native Londoners threatening violence if they don’t stop kissing/holding hands or if they pass a mosque. Check youtube out. They refuse to change and will push for their laws over the adopted country’s. We are seeing it here in Canada. If you wish to lay blame, direct it towards the wealthy muslim nations who refuse and nothing. No money, no food no shelter provided to their own. Then blame the E.U. and U.N. who have given misconstrued signals and wish to force the asylum seekers into every country and re-write each countries immigration policy. Ever hear of a Trojan Horse or Fifth Column? It’s happening now.

  4. Perhaps open a direct rail link between Hungary and Switzerland – a non-EU country – and send 3000 migrants for a welcome reception there, every day for an indefinite period?

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