Budapest, June 29 (MTI) – The defence ministry has set up a committee to look into possible causes of recent accidents involving Hungarian military Gripen fighters, Csaba Hende, the defence minister, told public news television M1 on Monday.

Hende said the body has until July 31 to submit a report, including recommendations to prevent similar accidents in future.

The minister also said that talks with the fighters’ Swedish supplier are under way to replace the two planes that were rendered unusable in the accidents that happened on May 19 and June 10.

In the first instance a Hungarian JAS 39 fighter, participating in an international military exercise, overran the runway at Caslav military air base in the Czech Republic.

The second accident happened near central Hungary’s Kecskemet, when another JAS 39 carried out an emergency landing.

The pilots in both accidents managed to eject from their jets in time.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Considering that Hungary is only operating 14 modern aircraft these accidents bring into question their capability to operate even a small modern air force. The entire Hungarian military is in sad shape. Manpower (29,400) is about 1/2 the size of NYPD and is completely inadequate for the defense of the country. Furthermore, many active duty personnel are out of shape old men and Hungary has one of the highest percentage (17.6%) of female military personnel in the world. To make things even worse, there are no real reserves. Armor is lacking. There are only about 15-30 old T-72 tanks in active service (with another 50-60 in storage as if you can just drive a tank into battle) . There are only 30 towed artillery pieces and about 8-10 old Soviet era helicopters. Most of their equipment is 35-45 years old (ancient by 21st Century military standards) and dates back to the Warsaw Pact. Hungary refuses to spend money for its defense and is relying on others for protection. That is going to bite them on the rear end. This is a third world military that will not last more than 48-72 hours in a real war.

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