Something truly genius brought toddlers and adults together last week in the Krausz Palace of Budapest. Miniversum exhibition is a masterpiece, which displays bold allure of the Hungarian, Austrian, and German landmarks, dazzling urban and rural architecture, and wild meadows of the countryside, -everything is recreated in a model layout in a scale of 1:100 of the original size.

For children this place is a generator of dreams. With a help of dedicated professionals and purest imagination children can become a part of this exciting journey; 3 countries, 14 cities, 600 architectural wonders, 1000 cars, 5000 inhabitants and over 5000 trees create this mini dreamlike universe. Extremely talented, devoted craftsmen have created a world where distinction between reality and fantasy is blurred. All that became possible with a delicate attention to every tiniest detail and high quality materials used during the production process. Curious adults and children can bring some parts of the miniversum into motion, “control the ongoing traffic here and there and bring to life all sorts of actions”. With a help of modern technologies this journey becomes fun and engaging experience for all generations – sound and light effects bring even more excitement.


Organizers of the Miniversum exhibition pay attention to the needs of all the visitors, regardless of age. For its youngest visitors, apart from the handful activities withing miniversum, there is also a playhouse. Toddlers can find interactive games that are corresponding to their age. Playhouse is free of any additional charges. For adults, who wish to take a little break, there is a café. In addition to the exhibition, unique opportunities to get immersed in the technological process of the miniversum are available for the “technically minded guests”. A huge monitor of the control room gives all the visitors a chance to observe operations of the dreamlike world very closely and uncover a specific role of every embellishment and little detail.

The exhibition is opened every day from 9 am till 7pm, during Fridays and Saturdays Miniversum closes at 9 pm.

For all the details regarding prices, contact information and location please visit the official web site:

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translated by Ekaterina Egorova

Photo: MTI – Jozsef Balaton


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