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The Hungarian Ministry of National Economy told that Hungary intended to support and participate in China’s largest touristic development programme, the „revivification” of the one-time Silk Road. The Deputy State Secretary for Tourism told that Chinese diplomacy views Hungary as the gate of the Middle-European region.

The commercial route once connected the two economic centres, Eurasia and China, and thus involved the regions along the route into the commercial circulation. Today, the goal is similar: the programme financed primarily by China and composed of 11 points focuses on three main areas, the Ministry of National Economy told.

First, it aims to stimulate tourism with investments and administrative measures facilitating travelling in the economic zone of the Modern Silk Road. In this regard, the Deputy State Secretary for Tourism came up with the idea of constructing a railway for high-speed trains, which the Chinese party regards as a recommendation being worth considering. Second, the cooperating countries shall undertake co-marketing activities so as to introduce the tourism services; and third, to enhance cooperation in training tourism-professionals in tertiary education.

The fact is, that the regional centre for strengthening the tourism between the 16 countries of the Middle-East Region and China provides a good basis for realizing those aims above. Moreover, China’s further goal is to open its touristic regional office in Budapest. China’s sympathy towards Hungary has been strengthened by our position, according to which Chinese language shall be an official language in world tourism.

The Deputy State Secretary for Tourism sees a good opportunity for attracting more Chinese tourists by providing more affordable solutions for them.

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