MOL Limo mercedes

It is now possible to go to Budapest Airport by Mol Limo; the company decided to extend its working area after feedback from users.

As has observed, Mol Limo is now operating to and from Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport – stated officially by the company’s CEO, Péter Ratatics. Mol Limo is a ridesharing application that allows its users to travel quickly, conveniently and, most important: cheaply. Seen as a successor to Uber in Hungary (even though they work differently), the application boasts some 45 000 registered users. With this newest addition, it is now possible to 

get to Budapest airport for an extra fee of 1990 HUF where there are special parking spaces provided.

If we add this extra fee to the usual costs, which are around 2000 HUF for the approximately 30 minutes drive from the city centre, it all comes down to a total of 4000 HUF: way less than the 7-8000 HUF that you would have to pay for a taxi ride.

The service is mainly used by males aged between 20-35: an important demographic in the industry. However, the company intends to make itself more approachable to women hence the introduction of child seats in numerous cars.

The next step in the company’s marketing could be the spreading to other cities both in- and outside of Hungary; student hubs like Debrecen and tourist favourites like Prague are on the list. 


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